living room furniture arrangement ideas corner fireplace

Small modern living room ideas can make your home appeal wonderful and fine. You can make the smaller space in the living room big and cozy if you can decorate it perfectly. You do not need to go crazy when decorating the small living room. You have to keep every single thing in simple and minimal state. Avoid using the bulky furniture pieces because they can make your living room even smaller. The first thing that you need to do is avoiding any clutter by using a media wall. It can avoid you from seeing any books, DVDS, electronics and toys spreading around the floor, sofa and wall.

By having a media wall, you can arrange those items in neat position. Pick the big statement when you want to accessorize the small modern living room ideas. You do not need to have many smaller pieces. Pick few pieces in big size to create bold effect on the wall. Now think about the layout on your living room furniture. Sometimes you make your home even smaller due to the wrong choice of layout. You can choose the L shaped layout furniture since it can give you a natural floor in the room. The foot traffic will be ample to access if you never block the access on the window and door.

An ottoman is more wonderful than coffee table because it can save a lot of things inside the ottoman. You can have the sectional sofa with an end table to hold on your table lamp. The last thing to decide in modern home is the color. You can have muted colors such as white beige, grey and tan. Apply one of those colors on the wall. Then you can accent the small modern living room ideas with some socking colors in red or lime green.

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