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The limitation of space is one of the obstacles in urban homes. This condition sometimes makes people think to optimize the function of urban space in their home, including the attic.

In the architecture’s world, the attic is the space under the roof of the house. Thus, the main function is to utilize attic space under the roof. For residential, attic used as an extension of the room under the roof of the house. Is there anyone ever designed attic room or attic bed room? Instead of being empty space, attic area should be converted as specified. Such as a bedroom.

There are several things that need to be considered in designing or designing attic room, among them:

First is height of the roof (depending on the user, whether adults or children)
Structure of the attic house, because the attic area will accommodate a wide variety of furniture, finished attic structure must be sturdy.
Remember about temperature in the attic area of the house. During the dry season, the area must be extremely hot attic. For decrease the heat , precarious sort of home should be installed aluminum foil in order to reduce the heat. In addition, the alternative can also install air conditioners.
Select floor which use light weight materials, such as wood are coated with anti-termite.
Access to the attic to be comfortable, to be in accordance with the size of the home and should not be harmful.
Put window corresponding light intensity that we want. Surely this should pay attention to direction of the sun, whether the window is placed at the east, west, north or south.

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