varianty dizajna zala v kvartire

Enjoy the perfect colors by using the woodworking living room. There are many kinds of woods that you can choose to decorate the house. You can pick oak, maple, mahogany, teak, chestnut or even walnut. However, not all of them are affordable. If you want to have a nice woodworking design without using a lot of cash, you can choose oak. There are many kinds of wooden finishes that you can apply on your oak woodworking. You can pick golden orange, red, light brown, beige, tan and brown. If you love with natural feeling in the living room, you can opt for the brown color.

This color comes in a lot of shades. You can pick the dark color or even light one depending on the mood that you want to present in the woodworking living room. If you just want to avoid the formal feeling in the living room, you can choose the furniture pieces finished in medium brown or tan color. The dark chocolate brown is nice to decorate the formal living room furniture. The woodworking at home is not only limited from the furniture pieces, but also on the trim line and crown molding of your ceiling.

If you think that the crown molding look old, you need to have more color. Many people decorate their ceiling with white color to create higher feeling in the living room. The crown molding should present different color which can make the ceiling stand out. Other colors that you can apple on the woodworking are cream and yellow. Both can create country feeling in the living room. You can paint them with apple green or cornflower blue accent. If you want to have a cozy mood in the living room, the woodworking living room can be graced with cherry red color.

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